Replacing an RV Ceiling Fan

Since my ALFA Ideal 5th Wheel has a basement air conditioner, the ceiling fan plays an integral part in cooling and heating the 5th Wheel. My original ceiling fan, while still working, was no longer moving the amount of air that it used to when the rig was new.

Since I live in the Southwest U.S., air conditioning is an important part of enjoying the camping experience. So, I decided to upgrade the old fan. In my Alfa Ideal coach, proper cooling depends on a working fan that can circulate air properly within the coach.

One problem that I had with this repair was that a replacement fan would need to clear the top of the slide out as it was being hauled into the coach. The trick was finding a fan that would fit into the restricted space and tuck neatly above the slide unit as it was hauled in.

Finding the right fan replacement turned out to be easier said than done. I found that many fans are advertised as low clearance models but when I checked them out, the fan housing was too large to clear the slide.

I finally found one that had the right dimensions to fit the area. I installed it where the old one had been. The new fan cleared the slide – not by a lot – but enough to make it a usable replacement. The airflow was immediately improved with the new fan and the rig cooled more efficiently.

Trying to find a fan that fit the dimensions needed for this replacement was the most difficult part of this job.

Winegard SensarPro Installation Tips

In this video, I will be showing some Winegard SensarPro Installation Tips.

When I first got my RV, the manufacturer routed the television signal for my living room and bedroom televisions through an analog splitter. Unfortunately, the resulting signals were not the greatest.

The sensor pro can provide equal amplified strength to your RV. You can also find local television channels in the area where you are camping by using the seek feature . It will tell you the RF channel and the signal strength.

Find out how I was able to get the right amount of signal to both TVs in my rig by watching this video to learn more.

RV Antenna Troubleshooting

Need help troubleshooting your Wingman RV antenna? Watch this video to see how you can make fixes to your own Wingman RV antenna if it isn’t working properly.

How to Fix a Slideout Failure on the Road

Have you ever finished a great trip at your favorite campground but when you started packing up to go home, you found your slideout wasn’t working?

I have and it is a most frustrating experience – especially when you are on a deadline and need to get on the road.

While your RV may be different from mine, here are a few common things to try if your slideout is misbehaving. Some things to check out first are relays, fuses and more common problems that are shared by all RV slideout units.

Watch this video on How to Fix a Slideout Failure on the Road to see if some of these common causes may be simple fixes to get you and your family back on the road quickly and without too much frustration.

RV relays, circuit breakers and fuses

Have you ever been out on the road and find that your slide out suddenly fails to either extend or retract? This can be especially frustrating especially when you are on a timeline to get home after a restful camping trip.

Most likely the problem will be related to slide out relays, circuit breakers or fuses.

In this video, I have outlined some important ideas about how to solve this problem.

Remember that coaches are different and not everything may apply to your rig as applies to mine. This video will give you some ideas to help you trouble shoot whatever may be the problem preventing you from moving your slide unit.

Phoenix, Arizona Tovrea Castle

If you are visiting Phoenix, Arizona, the Tovrea Castle is a fun and unusual place to visit.

Located near Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, this classic house is available for touring with a reservation. One word of warning however, is that tours book up quickly and there is generally a long waiting list. So, if you are interested in touring this classic Phoenix home, be sure to get online and get your reservations well in advance of your trip.

Learn more by watching this video about the Phoenix Tovrea Castle.

Replacing an RV Mattress

As your RV ages, you may be faced with needing to replace an RV mattress.

As my RV has gotten older, we have had to replace the mattress three times. Since buying an RV mattress is not like just going down to the local mattress store and buying one, here are some tips to help you replace your aging mattress with a new one that will fit your needs.

Watch this short video to learn more.

How to Install an RV Direct TV SWIM Antenna

This is how I installed my RV Direct TV SWIM Dish Antenna at my campsite.

While there are probably several ways to do this, this is how I found worked for me.

When we go camping in our RV, we like to have the ability to enjoy the outdoors while also being able to enjoy our favorite TV programs. A satellite dish is handy to have on the go.

Watch this short video to learn more about how I set my Direct TV antenna up so we could have TV at our campsite.

How to Fix RV Water Leaks Easily and Quickly

RV water leaks in the pvc piping of your RV can be a problem as your rig ages. These leaks can sometimes be hard to find and somewhat difficult to repair if you don’t know the easy way to handle them.

By using compression connectors, you can easily fix these leaks so they don’t come back again. In this video, I will show you how I repair these types of leaks and what I use to make it easy and quick to repair them.

Leaking water under your bathroom or kitchen sinks can damage your cabinetry or even damage the undercarriage of your rig if they continue to leak.

So, always make sure that you inspect your rig periodically to find any leaks and get them repaired as soon as possible.

How to Replace an RV Toilet

As your rig starts to age, you may find that you need to replace your RV toilet.

I have found that my RV toilets have lasted about 9 or 10 years. After this, they may start leaking water around the base.

Since new toilets are relatively cheap, I prefer to replace the unit rather than try to hassle with repairing it. In addition, if you have a white toilet, the plastic may turn yellow over time. This is another reason, why I prefer to replace it with a new unit.

I suggest that you get the same type of toilet that you had in the rig to minimize problems and ensure a good fit.

Check out this video to learn more about how I replaced my toilet in my rig.