Getting Back to Nature in Big Sur

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of big city life, there is a spectacularly beautiful spot just 120 miles south of San Francisco, California along Highway 1 where you can “get away from it all” and enjoy Mother Nature at her finest. Camping, hiking and just relaxing in the peaceful state parks located here. View the unique single-span concrete arch bridge towering 250 feet above the river floor. From graceful waterfalls to dramatic ocean beaches, Big Sur offers visitors great camping as well as opportunities to enjoy various forest creatures such as Bald Eagles, California Condors, Ring-tailed cats and graceful Monarch butterflies. The sea offers marine animals to include elephant seals, blue, gray and humpback whales, playful seals and sea otters who regularly sun themselves in the warm sands on Big Sur beaches or frolic in the cold Pacific waters just off of the rocky coastline. In addition to camp grounds, there are motels and cabins for rent in the area to accommodate all interests and pocketbooks. The area also offers several wonderful art galleries and gift shops for visitors to the area.