Traveling Around California Via RV

As the most populous and the third largest state in the United States, California has as varied a climate and topography as it does a population. California has it all – from sea coast to mountains to desert to the majestic Redwood Cathedral forests of the northern coastal areas. It is home to not only Mt Whitney, the highest point in the continental United states, but also to Death Valley, the lowest point in the continental United States. California’s climate varies from a Mediterranean climate, with cool, rainy winters and dry summers to the cold and snowy mountains of the Sierra Nevadas with a huge helping of hot, dry desert lands thrown into the mix. Californian’s love the outdoors so California is a great place to visit by RV. Here you can enjoy the many types of topography and climates and learn about California’s colorful history on a daily basis. Enjoy the many types of marine and wildlife that California offers as you travel the state from coast to mountain to desert each with it’s own unique characteristics. Taking time to enjoy all that California has to offer by RV may be the greatest way to learn about this diverse and wonderful state!