RV Rubber Roof Care

Caring for your RV rubber roof surface is an important step in helping your RV stay in good shape. Never use abrasive or citrus based cleaners to clean your roof surface since these can damage your roof and cause it to bubble, crack or otherwise loosen from the surface plywood that it is there to protect. Be sure to check with your manufacturer about what product is recommended before attempting to clean your roof.  Rubber roof manufacturers recommend that a rubber roof be cleaned at least 4 times per year and more if the RV receives more dirt from storms or other weather conditions in the area. Apply the cleaner and a follow up companion protectorate to keep the rubber in good condition so it will provide many years of good service. Always be very careful when walking on a wet rubber roof since this surface can be very slippery. After cleaning your roof, inspect it for tears or punctures. Patch kits are available if you need them at your local RV repair center. To prevent white or gray streaks from running off of the roof and onto the sides of your RV, try applying the cleaning solution with a mop or soft brush and then mopping or sponging off the residue. Another option is to have an assistant with a hose so that the debris can be washed away from the cleaning area immediately.  Keeping your roof  in good shape will help you save you money and allow you to enjoy years of fun and interesting travel so be sure to put this important item on your quarterly maintenance list.