TV Upgrades for RVs

When my RV was purchased, it came with a tube television. Recently, since the switch to digital television, I wanted to upgrade my two televisions to the newer, digital models. I found that a 17 inch flat screen model fit into the bedroom wall-mount cabinet and a 32 inch fit nicely into the main living area wall cabinet. Of course, I had to buy new straps and velco strips to mount the new televisions. Once thing that I soon realized was that we had trouble seeing the television when it was flatly mounted in the old cabinet due to the angle on the flat screen. I had to go back and loosen the straps and place a small piece of wood under the back of the television so that it would be at a better angle for viewing. If you are replacing your televisions, be sure to check the viewing angle before you fasten down your new television so you can avoid the extra time it took me to do this.