Winegard SensarPro Installation Tips

In this video, I will be showing some Winegard SensarPro Installation Tips.

When I first got my RV, the manufacturer routed the television signal for my living room and bedroom televisions through an analog splitter. Unfortunately, the resulting signals were not the greatest.

The sensor pro can provide equal amplified strength to your RV. You can also find local television channels in the area where you are camping by using the seek feature . It will tell you the RF channel and the signal strength.

Find out how I was able to get the right amount of signal to both TVs in my rig by watching this video to learn more.

RV Antenna Troubleshooting

Need help troubleshooting your Wingman RV antenna? Watch this video to see how you can make fixes to your own Wingman RV antenna if it isn’t working properly.

How to Install an RV Direct TV SWIM Antenna

This is how I installed my RV Direct TV SWIM Dish Antenna at my campsite.

While there are probably several ways to do this, this is how I found worked for me.

When we go camping in our RV, we like to have the ability to enjoy the outdoors while also being able to enjoy our favorite TV programs. A satellite dish is handy to have on the go.

Watch this short video to learn more about how I set my Direct TV antenna up so we could have TV at our campsite.

Fixing an RV Batwing TV Antenna

We have 3 videos on RV antennas soon to be four. Unfortunately Digital Signal don’t travel as far as the old analog TV.



Everything on the Winegard RV antenna is easily repaired. here is the parts list from Winegard.