How to Repair a Slideout Floor

Need help repairing a slideout floor? Over time, you may find that your slideout floor is beginning to wear out or get “spongy.”

I had a slight leak in my slideout that I didn’t see for awhile while it was in storage for the winter. When I got it ready to go on the road, I discovered the leak and fixed it.

Unfortunately, the dripping water got onto the slideout floor and caused it to degrade. When I stepped on that part of the floor, it felt spongy. I didn’t want it to get worse so I took it into my local repair shop for an estimate on what it would take to fix it.

The repair shop was not wild about doing the job so they gave me a very high estimate to remove the slide and replace the floor. Since I wanted to get my rig back on the road, I did a lot more research on options and found a way to fix it.

The repair turned out really well and saved me a ton of money. Learn how I made the repair by watching this video.