Slide-Outs Improve Resale Value

Over the past decade, an important addition to RV’s has been the addition of slide-out rooms to both trailers and motorhomes. Slide Out units offer more space and living area without adding additional coach length  so they have become popular additions to the RV lifestyle. Although slide-out units are popular, they do add additional weight to the toe-load your vehicle will need to handle. This is an important consideration when you are considering purchasing a unit with two slide-outs or even three slide-outs. People want RV units that provide the extra room that having nice slide-out rooms can provide. This means that if you purchase a unit without slide-out rooms, you may well have difficulty when it comes time to trade in or sell the unit. Silde out rooms do require lubrication of the mechanical rails and periodically, the seals will need to be changed. Be sure to carry an extra fuse or two as you travel in case your fuse happens to blow and leaves you with an extended slide-out when you had planned on loading up and heading out. This has happened to me and fortunately, I was camping in a town large enough to be able to buy the right type of fuse so that I could get the slide-out operable again and get myself on the road without too much delay. I now carry extra fuses for just such problems because you never know….