The Majestic South Rim of the Grand Canyon

No trip to Arizona would be complete without a trip to the majestic and incredibly beautiful Grand Canyon. The canyon’s South Rim is the most crowded side of the canyon especially in summer. If you want to go when the crowd’s are the thinnest, the best time is November through February however, that is also when you are most likely to encounter snow with icy roads and the possibility of fog or rain and poor visibility across the canyon. The South Rim is approximately 7,000 feet in altitude so if you have any kind of difficulty such as respiratory or heart problems, walking around in this area can be difficult.  There is a large visitor center at Canyon View where you can get maps and information about the various viewing points. Grand Canyon Village also has shops, restaurants, lodging and good views of the canyon. There are easily accessible stores and restaurants in the park as well as lodging and camping. Lodging and camping spots can fill up as much as a year in advance so if you plan on trying to stay within the park, be sure to book your spot well ahead of the time you intend to go there. Parking at the various lookout points can be difficult, especially in summer so be sure to park your rig and take the free shuttle all around the south rim.