Tire Pressure and Wheel Maintenance

Ensuring that your wheels and tires are in good shape before taking your RV out on the road is a good practice to ensure safety. Before taking your RV on the road, be sure you check the lugnuts on each of your wheels to be sure they are tight and that your tires have no visible defects. Since tires with too low of air pressure impact vehicle safety, I like to keep my tires inflated near the top of the recommended tire maximum pressure. This is especially important for my tow vehicle, since it will be bearing the brunt of the weight from my 5th wheel. I have my own heavy duty air compressor for this purpose to make checking my tire pressure easy and simple from home. I also like to keep my wheels covered to protect them from sun damage. I was able to keep my last set of coach tires for an additional couple of years as a result of doing this on a regular basis.  By checking these things before I go, it helps ensure a safer and more dependable trip for my family and me.

RV tire covers
RV Tire Covers