Avoiding Windshield Breaks

It is clear that glass breakage is not only annoying but also dangerous and maybe costly depending on your insurance deductible. Here are 4 tips to help lessen the liklihood that you will be a victim of windshield damage:

  1. When driving on gravel roads, pull over and stop when approaching vehicles reach you. The main cause of damage from flying rocks is actually driving into them rather than just being hit by them in passing.
  2. If you do have to keep driving, drive as closely to the center line as possible. This will help the rocks hit your tires rather than have time to bounce up to hit your windshield.
  3. Try to avoid following heavy trucks like cement trucks, dump trucks and other heavy trucks which are prone to dropping rocks and debris on the road.
  4. Finally, have windshield stars filled right away  so that they do not spread into full-fledged cracks.  Changes in temperature on the windshield can speed the development of cracks so having stars taken care of quickly can help prevent further damage.

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