Drafty RV Windows – Winter Maintenance Tips

Got winter drafts making you uncomfortable in your RV? If you find cold winter drafts seeping into your coach, here is an idea to help  keep out the cold, winter air and keep your rig toasty warm in the winter. When I first purchased my coach, I could often feel air seeping in around the windows in all rooms of my coach. The cold air seepage was especially bad in my living room and in my bedroom slideout area where windows banked either side of the bed.  The drafts made sitting on the coach or sleeping uncomfortable even though the heater was chugging out warm air in the coach. After the first winter of constantly putting up with this problem, we began seeking a solution to make our rig more comfortable during those cold winter months.

That summer, to remedy this problem, we removed each window, scraped away the existing window putty, replaced the window putty around each window with a new section of putty and reseated the window. It was not difficult and didn’t take a rocket scientist to do but this small change resulted in a substantial difference in the comfort level of our coach. No longer did we need blankets to sit on the coach and watch tv or wake with frozen noses or neck cricks from the constant cold air flow seeping in through the bedroom windows. Learn more Tech Tips and about things to do with your RV in the Southwestern United States at our MyRvAdventures website.

May your RV road be filled with great experiences.

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