Which is Better: A Gas or Diesel Tow Vehicle?

As an RV owner, I have used both gas and diesel tow vehicles. This experience has led me to the conclusion that diesel tow vehicles have more torque at lower RPM than do gas engines. What does this mean for you as an RV driver? It means that if you go up a steep grade, a diesel tow vehicle will pull your RV at Highway speeds while a gas engine will often bog down when climbing steep hills. This can mean that you are slowing to a crawl until you can reach the summit of the hill.

Here are the advantages that I have found to buying a diesel tow vehicle:
1. Better fuel economy. With my diesel truck I get double the mileage per gallon of fuel as compared to the fuel economy I got with my gas powered tow vehicle.
2. My diesel vehicle came equipped with air brakes. This making your truck brakes and tow vehicle braking system last longer and operate more safely.
3. The pulling power needed to get the job done.

Here are the disadvantages of purchasing a diesel tow vehicle: :
1. The overall cost of a truck with a diesel engine is higher. .
2. Getting diesel fuel takes a bit more effort than it does to find gasoline. I have found that in most places, diesel fuel is readily available at area gas stations.
3. Repairs should really be done by a diesel mechanic. This might be difficult since certified diesel mechanics require specialized training. Depending on where you live, local diesel mechanics may be in high demand so you may have to wait to get any needed repairs completed in a timely manner.
If you have a larger RV that has some significant weight to it, there is no question that diesel is the the best way to ensure that your rig tows easily and without bogging down on hills.

The size of the engine can also matter with respect to your towing power and the options that may be included with your standard vehicle purchase. I switched from a Ram 2500 to a Ram 3500 this past year. When buying my new vehicle, I found that getting the heavy duty options that suited my rig came standard on a 3500 while on the 2500 model, these features required additional costs. . The ease of pulling my 5th wheel with my 3500 is exceptional. I have the pulling power to easily pull my rig up hills and pass slow moving vehicles that I would never have been able to pass in my old gas engine Ram truck. Owning a diesel powered vehicle has definitely improved our RV experience and made our travel much less stressful for our whole family.