Keeping RV Water Fresh

A couple of months ago, we visited an RV park that had a high level of sulfur in the water which was being pumped from a ground water well.  Needless to say, the smell was bad news and taking a shower would have required a nose pinching for sure.  Having plenty of fresh water from home already in our storage tanks, we quickly disconnected and went back to stored water for the remainder of the evening we spent in this camp ground.  We naively thought that we had escaped any bad effects since we had only been on fresh water for a short time. Much to our surprise, a month or so later when we again took out our RV, when we got to our camp site, we again smelled that same foul odor.  Fortunately, we were able to make a quick trip to a nearby RV store for some water treatment tablets. This quickly solved the problem and made the water smell good again. It seems the water must have had a bacteria that entered our water supply and there multiplied while in storage. As a result of this stinky lesson, we now make sure that we keep water treatment tabs in the coach whenever we travel.  Lesson learned…

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