Camping at Monument Valley

A great place to camp and spend time while visiting Monument Valley is Goulding’s Trading Post. Goulding’s has a lodge, a very nice campground, a couple of stores that sell groceries as well as unique Arts and Crafts, restaurant facilities and a Museum. The Museum is housed in the original home of Harry and “Mike” Goulding who came to the area in 1924. Harry Goulding brought movie director, John Ford to the location and the area instantly became a hit as the backdrop for many westerns including the Trial of Billy Jack, How the West was Won, The Legend of the Lone Ranger and many others.  You can also tour John Wayne’s small cabin and learn more about the various films that were made from this stunning location. The Earth Spirit show, celebrating the beauty and creation of Monument Valley is hosted in a small theater on the property and is shown nightly. Tickets to the performance are $2.00 per person or provided free with a stay at the lodge or with the purchase of a Monument Valley Tour from the Goulding’s office.