Explore the Dry Caves at the Grand Canyon

If you enjoy exploring caves, then a stop by the Grand Canyon Caverns, located near Seligman, Arizona off of Historic Route 66 might be just the adventure that you have been seeking.  This dry cave, formed over 345 million years ago, was discovered in 1927 by Walter Peck who thought he had found a cavern filled with gold, silver and diamonds. Unfortunately for poor Walter, no minerals or diamonds existed in the extensive cavern depths so the fortune that he had imagined never materialized. To get to the cavern, visitors are led down 210 feet via elevator to the ample cave rooms below.  Although there are concrete walkways and ample handrails, much of the tour takes visitors on steep upward and downward climbs so this tour is definitely not for those who cannot maneuver up and down stairs and steep ramps.

Within the first, large cavern room, a small, overnight lodging unit has been installed for those who can shell out upwards of $750 per night to spend the night 210 feet below the surface for a unique, adventure below ground. The Cavern Suite accommodates 1-6 occupants and requires advanced reservations.

While on the tour, you will see the remains of a mummified bobcat that had the misfortune to fall into the cave as well as a full size replica of a Sloth that also had the misfortune of slipping to it’s death within the cave interior centuries ago.  You will also see supplies of Civil Defense rations which were placed in the cavern in the 1960’s so that the facility could be used as a national Fallout, Bomb shelter for 2,000 people if the need has arisen. Tour employees say that the supplies, although old, would still be edible today given the low humidity and highly purified, clean air found at the cavern depths.

The Caverns are located 22 miles west of Seligman on old Highway 66 at mile marker 115. Many other touring opportunities such as jeep tours, horseback riding and river rafting can also be arranged from the Caverns and Inns located here.  A restaurant is located in the Inn for visitors as well as a gift shop.